some news here ! rob it !

Hey guys ! Hi guys. it is now 3 months that we develop Rob n Run. I think the realese will be done within 2 months. the project is doing well. for evidence here are some elements that we present to you.

First you can download the new rnrdemo010 demo version new visual revamp within :

An awesome Visual made by Xor from Psychomoustache studio . We 'll use it as a poster to distrubute the game on , but perhaps for steam too.

We now have a sort of website , usefull, even we don't really use it and so it's pretty minimal .

We revamp all the visuals of the game and done 4 first worlds of the game . It as now 32 playable levels . each world as its own logic in the way to go throught it. We hope the players will enjoy the specificiies of each one.

There is some coffin in World 2 which hiding a goldpouch , or a wraith and the game become a memory game in the same time you trying to grap all the gold in the shortest time .

World 3 is sewers . Here the rats don't let you apprehend the levels straightly , because their appartion is random . it change every second your stragtegy.

World 4 , the forest , include an Evil bee follow the player at every moment. you will be forced too deal with it and prove that you are smarter than it .

The map / level selector is fonctional , saving the best time on each world, and we have extentded the
TOP online leaderboard up to 100 entry . So even if you are a looser you can enter the place ^^.
we also made a compliation of reviews , bring up a sort of teaser. Thx all for support . We give you news soon about the realese date.

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