Thanks ! and future packs

I didn't espect that result with this music pack but i see more than 500 views and 100 downloads until there. 
it was a test to know how a such asset would make interest for itch users. 

As i know now that seems usefull, i will make another pack soon, but i need your opinion . 
Will you need :
- fantasy mood
- retro 16 bit
- cyberpunk again ?
- space sci-fi
- contemporary ambiances
- other, tell it in comments

you want to hear what i've made out of itch ? This could help your choise.

note :if you've get the cyberpunk music pack, and you've used it, please let me know how it was usefull for you and what doesnt' work with your project. It can help for future pakcs i will make.

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Jun 06, 2018

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